Truck Festival

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

We are a mere 21 months into our plant based journey and as avid festival go-ers I always remember the falafel stalls serving the hippies at Glastonbury whilst we would dig into burgers, burgers, cheese toasties and more burgers. It’s actually a FACT that one BuggedOut Weekender I survived purely on Burger King Rodeo burgers for 3 days (and was very sick over the days that followed!)

Two weekends ago we hit up Truck Festival near Oxford, where, despite what the name suggests, has nothing to do with Trucks. Apparently they had a record store called Truck Records and built the festival from that – fun fact for you!

Anyway, I digress… Having taken us 3 hours to get there from Brighton the master plan was to get some grub in before the party started (sensible huh?!) so we wandered down to the main area with baited (hungry) breath to check out what chickpea delights awaited us.

The first stall we came across was a totally vegan diner selling hotdogs, loaded fries and other delicious meat free junk food. Bingo!! The vegan hotdog was inhaled and we continued with our day. Over the course of the weekend I ate pretty much everything I could get my hands on – cauliflower kebab, chana masala, Pieminster, loaded fries, noodles, full vegan breakfast – you name it, I ate it!

What blew me away wasn’t just the fact that at least 50% of the food stalls were veggie/vegan but all the other food stalls had at least one vegan option that all appeared to have sold out by Saturday lunch time. Times are changing folks!!!

On a side note the lack of litter thrown on the floor was amazing to see 😊 Well done Truck Festival and all the party go-ers that attended you beautifully tidy, recycling super beings. Proud human moment right there

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