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The Podcasts That Made Us

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

We’ve done a lot of changing over the past 6 years, that’s probably an understatement actually! I couldn’t tell you what kicked it off, but one thing that has shaped the journey massively is - PODCASTS

We basically took control of what we consume on a daily basis. News and partisan current affairs were out (in fact, we don't have live TV anymore) and podcast recommendations were in - some were brilliant and have stuck and some faded away over time but one thing is for sure - the good ones continue to shape the way we think & act every day!

Here are some of our favourites and why 👌

All have amazing guests and are super insightful. The general theme is around living consciously - being purposeful in your actions and trying to look at situations from as many perspectives as possible, in order to 'be a bit less shit' as we would say...

A more scientific look at things that affect our lives on a day to day basis - think nutrition, gut health, brain hacks etc + We're very interested in the ACTUAL effects of drugs rather than media portrayal and hearsay.

more practical advice on taking control of your life and coping techniques for difficult situations. Warning - Jay Shetty is pretty full on with the positivity and gratitude so might not be for everyone

Just because we are secret geeks and are super interested in how technology is going to shape the next 100 years and we are also aspiring minimalists and live the dream vicariously through these guys 🙌

Looking forward to being able to devour these every day whilst on a beach in the tropics somewhere!!

If anyone has any recommendations, we'd love to her them???

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