The perils of living a nomadic lifestyle...

Taking in new sites, exploring new places, non stop adventures, eating out three meals a day, freedom, excitement, beers when you like, no commuting... all sounds like a dream right?! And for the most part it is... but full time ‘travelling’ can also come with some monster challenges

Mental health doesn’t discriminate ❗️

You can be living your absolute best life and break a leg. The same can be said about mental health. Anxiety, stress, overwhelm, depression at all levels can strike at any time! When you’re away however you don’t have your friends and family around you for support and access to healthcare can be a challenge.

Travel can trigger anxiety ⚠️

Moving around with no set routine/structure, heading into other cultures, the unknown, not having a plan, finances, being alone Etc. Can all be very anxiety triggering!

Lack of routine can be unsettling 😥

At home you wake up, go to work, go home, sleep, look forward to the weekend. Routine, it turns out, can be pretty important to us humans, and whilst you are travelling, routine generally goes out the window

Loneliness 🥺

We are obviously together (which can have its own challenges if you’re not used to being with each other 24/7) and although meeting new friends along the way is amazing they are not your life long friends and loneliness can set in! You feel left out from events happening back home, nights out, weddings, friends having babies...

Unhealthy diet 🍔

Going out to eat is awesome but when it’s 3 times a day, every day it’s so easy to fall into the trap of consuming too much sugar, salt and general unhealthy eating, plus eating way too much! In Budapest we had no cooking facilities so our diet massively lacked in vegetables which didn’t help my mental state! Also, I know this sounds crazy but it can become a real chore eating out constantly and a treat, when constant, is no longer a treat

Exercise 🧘‍♀️

It’s so important to move your body and although we walked loads in Europe it’s hard to do here in Bali! Not getting regular exercise is no good for either mental or physical health!

The heat 🥵

The heat for me is a killer. Being hot triggers my anxiety, definitely doesn’t help with my hot flushes and is generally tiring if you’re not used to it

Sleep 😴

We have come to realise that sleep is probably the number one thing for a healthy mind and body and the number one reason we are never going to fast travel. We never sleep well the first night anywhere and are so sensitive to noise and light!

So... what do we do to stay sane and healthy...

  1. Take time to meditate, breathe and talk about how we are feeling

  2. Find some routine, even if it’s going for a daily morning walk or coffee and structuring our days as much as possible

  3. Try to go to bed and wake up at around the same time daily

  4. Eat at least one nutrition packed meal per day

  5. Cook at home as often as possible

  6. Go to the gym at least 3 days a week (if we can or do home work outs)

  7. Regularly keep in touch with friends and family back home

  8. Take time out and have down days where we do nothing. You cannot go 100 miles an hour forever!

  9. Take what we need when it comes to supplements, vitamins and minerals

  10. Track my period! This helps when planning trips and to align to my general mental and physical health

  11. Take breaks from social media!

  12. Be in nature - walk barefoot on the sand, walk through forests, dip into some water

  13. Work! Even if it’s building a blog or volunteering. Find something to ‘do’, it’s been so important for us to find a balance and getting back into work, albeit part time, has been perfect for us.

So there you go, we are having the best time and are so happy with the life choices we have made. We are living our dream but it is not all happiness and rainbows. At times it’s been hard, really hard but it’s taught us so much in the process about how we would like to live our life for now and in the future ♥️

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