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Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Koh Lanta, Koh Mook & Phi Phi

The impossible, made possible

David never wanted to go to Thailand, that's a fact! When I went 7 years ago (before we were together) he would comment on my FB photos that I was like any other knob at a full moon party wearing a vest and geek glasses, insisting that he couldn't think of anything worse. Was this his actual thoughts or did he already just admire me from afar and unleashed the green eyed beast?!

Now imagine my absolute joy when, earlier on this year he left his old employer to start a new role, found himself with a few weeks garden leave and so agreed to come to Thailand - yay!!

Off I went on a frenzy to create the perfect 2 weeks Thailand agenda... we had a mere 3 weeks to wait and BOOM - we were at Heathrow Airport, drinking Singha (wrong beer I know) and waiting to board the place to the Land of Smiles!

En route we had an absolute result... half the plane was empty so we got a whole row to ourselves and managed to get some shut eye. Landing in Bangkok at 3pm we decided to skip the crazy city (I wasn't sure that should be David's first experience of Thailand) and fly straight to Krabi and eventually end up in Koh Lanta that evening. A quick mooch around and our first cold Chang, we were on our second flight, followed by a taxi and a little chain ferry. God bless 12GoAsia!!

Koh Lanta... We made it!

Arriving at Sri Lanta was magical, however it was almost Midnight and we were both hungry and overtired! Off we went to find the wonder that is 7/11 for whatever we could get our hands on. Back in the room we settled in and tried to sleep. Then we tried to sleep. Then we tried to sleep some more... and failed. 5.30am came so we decided to give up and go and see the sunrise. Just outside the door was a little family of monkeys, absolute dudes that made us smile. This is going to be an awesome holiday - sleep or no sleep!

Walking down the beach, through the beautiful resort was goose bump inducing. Khlong Nin is an absolute stunner of a beach. The calm sea lapping on the beautiful white sand and saying good morning to the other early risers we felt alive and happy. Not only had I managed to get David to Thailand, he was absolutely bloody loving it!

The insomnia however didn't stop there, it actually took around 4-5 days and a night of tears (David's chair snapped at dinner and he ended up with his ass on the sand - tears of laughter for me, frustration for him!) and Night Nurse to finally get a good nights sleep. Days of stressing that we hadn't had enough sleep, are we maximising our holiday and do we feel as happy as we should?! Isn't it crazy that we work so hard and live life at such a fast pace that the first half of a holiday is such a slow comedown and actually relatively stressful.

When we had finally chilled however we thoroughly enjoyed our last few days on Koh Lanta. It's a magical island, not yet ruined by mass tourism and has a laid back vibe but still plenty to do and a plethora of restaurants and bars. Most nights we would head to Majestic Bar on Klong Nin for the best sunset cocktails at a bargain 100 baht each.

We spent 8 nights staying at Sri Lanta which is located on Klong Nin, around 2/3rds of the way down the west coast of the island. Originally having booked a Sri Lanta veranda villa we asked to move rooms. This was mainly down to the noisy air conditioning in our room as we are both light sleepers. We were moved to a room in the new building - Cloud Suite, which was beautiful, modern, super clean and luckily we didn't get charged any extra. The pool area is beautiful, just across the road from the resorts accommodation and overlooking the stunning beach. We can't really comment on other accommodation types but the choice is vast and they all looked pretty amazing. Drinks and food at Sri Lanta is definitely more expensive than the rest of the bars and restaurants in the area, better cocktails are found a few minutes walk down the beach at half the price but we did have a really delicious falafel platter at the Sunset Del Mar beach restaurant, which is part of Sri Lanta . We ate breakfast there a few times which was an all you can eat buffet style at around 600 baht for 2 people. As a plant based pair we thrive on beans on toast and black coffee! Here we could also get potatoes, grilled veggies and a good selection of fruit. Breakfast at Sri Lanta was a pleasure looking over the white sands and ocean as the sun rises.

We hired scooters for a few days to enable us to explore the island, paying 250 Baht for 2 per day, no idea if you can get them cheaper but we were more than happy paying that amount. We tend to just pay what we think is reasonable. We always wore the helmets provided and rode safely, especially after seeing a couple covered in bandages after a road accident.

You can also pick up Tuk Tuk's from all beach areas. These cost 100 baht for 2 people per beach stop.

Koh Lanta Highlights & Advice:​

  • Great gym on Long Beach called VM Fitness. 250 baht per day from memory but they also do week and monthly packages.

  • The banana espresso's at Sonya's Guesthouse are absolutely delicious. We had beans on toast here for breakfast a number of times

  • We LOVED breakfast at Peak Cafe. Great vegan selection including delicious scrambled tofu! Found on Klong Khong

  • Weather wise, we went in March and it was HOT HOT HOT! Don't think we saw a single drop of rain the whole time we were there

  • Check out Pure for beautiful acai bowls, avo toast and other stunning dishes! At the end of Klong Nin.

  • Loro Loco - amazing vegan Falafel restaurant on Khlong Khong. Yum!

  • The BackYard Cafe & Bistro - amazing coffee and hipster breakfasts. Located on Long Beach 

Koh Mook... Lanta's little Bro

After 8 wonderful days on KL it was time for the next part of our adventure, 4 nights on Koh Mook. KM is an island recommended to us by my little sister and as soon as we arrived we were so pleased we had booked some time here.

We travelled to Mook by high speed ferry at a pretty low cost of around £35 each through 12GoAsia. Travel was easy and comfortable. We were met at the tiny pier by a Tuk Tuk driver who helped us with our bags and off we went to our resort. It wasn't a long journey as Sivalai is right next to the pier and after a slick check in we were taken to our room - a beach front bungalow and oh my gawd, this place is heaven!! Sivalai reminded us of our stay in the Maldives, beautiful white sands, surrounded by stunning palms and an uninterrupted view of the ocean from our bed. Is this heaven?!

We chucked our bags in and eagerly got ready to go explore the island. As we wandered around and out of the resort we ended up in a residential area. Far from the pristine beaches and resorts it was hectic, dirty and swamped, with locals continuously asking us where we wanted to go and could they take us to Charlie bay? To be honest we weren't sure of where we wanted to go so politely declined and continued walking. March is a super hot time to go to Thailand so we were melting by the time we found a bar, well I think it was a bar - he certainly served us a couple of Changs! After re-hydrating (with beer and some water) we decided to make our way back to base. That evening we went out for dinner and saw koh Mook village come to life. It took a few hours but we were in love with koh mook. 

Koh Mook Highlights & Advice:

  • Rides on Tuk Tuks are 50 baht per person to anywhere on the island which makes things easy

  • We loved having morning coffee at Sugar's who also served really good food at night

  • Sivalai is well worth staying at if you want a treat. The bungalows and the beach itself are beautiful, as are the pools. Beware however of all the rubbish that washes up on the shore. We would get up early most morning and collect plastic bottles from the beach

  • Make your way to Charlie Beach for sunset. The beach is beautifully rugged and somewhat eerie with an abandoned resort that closed down due to being against Thailand conservation laws. It's a rustic area so don't expect plush bars but the beach and sunsets make up for that! The bars completely shut at sundown and the area descends into darkness so make sure you get a Tuk Tuk back in time

  • Make the trip to Emerald Cave. We paid around 500 baht for a long tail boat to take us at 10ish so it was really quiet. Definitely worth going early to beat the crowds!

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