Packing for our Adventure

Updated: May 13, 2020

Let me start by telling you this, I bloody love planning, often more so than the actual event itself so getting our shit together for a long adventure has been so much fun...

Let’s start with the bags... we have settled on taking four bags with us:

Originally I was going to have the Nomatic 40L as my check in luggage but just couldn’t get it all to fit so had to bite the bullet and get a bigger bag. The Nomatic and Boundary are within accepted dimensions for hand luggage and we can check in the Ospreys.

We decided on the Ospreys after visiting Cotswold Outdoor in Brighton, the guy was super helpful and the bags were not only perfect size and a great fit but have loads of cool features including; a zip compartment over the straps so you can check them in, a detachable day bag and are front loading.

Nomatic bags are super sexy and super functional with multiple pockets and compartments, including a super handy top pouch to pop your liquids for easy access, passport pocket, waterproof pocket, a compartment for wet clothes and a pouch for sunglasses.

The Boundary Supply Prima is ultra rugged, completely customisable and front loading which makes everything easily accessible. This bag includes a separate camera bag (can be held inside or outside of bag), laptop/tablet sleeve with a magnetic fastener which holds your laptop suspended so that it doesn’t smash in the floor when you put your bag down, clever huh?

Next Up - Technology

We absolutely love a gadget so putting together our ultimate travel tech was an absolute joy! In our pack we have the following:

  • Vamvo mini projector This little projector packs the biggest punch. The size and quality is amazing and we can't wait to watch classic movies in far away places, under the stars!

  • Two worldwide travel adapter plugs which will be a god send i'm sure. They each have 4 x USB slots, come in a handy little case and feel super sturdy. We are already using them at home as everything charges by USB these days

  • Lypertek Tevi wireless headphones We love these little babies. Originally we were looking at Apple AirPods but they are so expensive and so ugly. The Lyperteks are sensational - battery lasts a life time, sound quality is amazing and they are so comfortable. I wear them running all the time and never feel like they are going to fall out. At £99 they are a bargain but look out for offers as we picked up two pairs for £69 each and let me tell you, that really is a bargain!!

  • Olympus OM-D E-M10 Knowing nothing about cameras we bought this as it looks beautifully retro, will update you when we have had more experience with using it but so far we love it

  • Joby Tripod with microphone and light modules Watch out vloggers, here we come! The tripod is fab and we have used it so many times at home already. Beautiful kit that all fits beautifully together. Not sure how we are going to transport it yet though.

  • Anker power bank Battery on our devices is key to documenting our journey so to make sure we never find ourselves with empty batteries we will be taking this beast.

  • Go-Pro Hero 8 We love the Go-Pro for it's ease of use and quirky videos are so easy to make with this little beast. Now we wouldn't leave home without it.

  • Manfrotto compact advanced smart tripod A decent tripod is on many a traveller packing list so thought we would invest in one. This one was reasonable priced and we hear they are one of the best brands so fingers crossed we picked a good one

  • DJI Mavic Mini drone - This little piece of equipment is mind blowing. Folds up to the size of a phone and a very reasonable price for amazing footage although it freaks me out a little as it feels like a little live creature.

  • Minirig speakers. These bad boys are amazing. The sound quality is sensational and battery life is great so will definitely be taking ours with us around the world

  • Kindle We both love reading and with space as a premium, Kindles are one of life's greatest inventions. Never leave home without it

  • Gorilla Pod Love, love, love these things. So stable and handy to hold Go Pro, phones and cameras

  • iPhone 11 - Sad to say but could never be without our iPhones! Check out our story highlights on Instagram for some handy iPhones tips

  • iPod - What's that.. Early 2000's want their technology back?! Well they can do one as this OG is 100% coming with us. Battery life is amazing and holds so much of my old music and DJ sets. Plug it into the mini rig and away we go.

  • iPad - To be honest I have no idea how much we will use the iPad so will report back after a few months

  • MAC Pro and MacBook

  • Cable organiser bag This thing is amazing. With so much technology we need to take a good few cables and connectors. This is perfect for keeping everything in order.

Fitness Equipment

Not knowing where we will find gyms and also the expense of using them you can't beat your own fitness equipment. This is all super light weight and multi functional:

Hair & Beauty

As someone who has zero beauty routine and rarely wears make up this list looks a lot bigger than I expected...

  • GHD Travel hair dryer - Have used this a few times at home and it's amazing. Perfect for travel. I have hair that looks horrendous if left to dry naturally so being able to wash and dry it once a week is a winner.

  • GHD Hair straighteners - The Daddy of all hair straighteners! Will be interesting to see if I ever actually use these but as they are about 14 years old i'll give them away if they are unused

  • Balm Balm Rosehip Oil Not one for skincare routines so I just chuck this on every evening and absolutely love it. It's not greasy and seems to keep my skin looking lovely

  • Magnitone electric shaver - I've always used a razor but this little gem will stop me from having to buy disposables or razors and charged with USB-C. Oh and it's SO pretty!!

  • Dock & Bay Hair Drying Towel Never used a microfiber towel but really impressed so far. This one is not only super cute and comes in a ton of colours but it's also much kinder to your hair and super small and lightweight for travel

  • Tangle Teezer Replacing my big and bulky hair brushes for this little wizard. I'm sure with all the sea salt my barnet is going to get super knotty so this will be needed. Perfect to pop into a beach bag with some leave in conditioner

  • Maria Nila purple shampoo. It's cruelty free and makes my blonde hair look and feel great. I've recently started only washing my hair once a week and I only shampoo the roots. This is doing wonders for my hair! It looks so much better and is so much softer and less frizz

  • Palmers Coconut Conditioner Another cruelty free favourite brand of mine that smells divine.

  • Toothpaste - Currently using Oral B but open to any suggestions of cruelty free and sustainable alternative please...

  • Toothbrush - Planning to take our electric toothbrushes as it's so important to keep your mouth healthy

  • Deodorant - Currently use Dove roll on but looking for a sustainable alternative so hit me up with any suggestions please

  • Bug Spray - I'm sure we will pick up a lot of this en route but have bought a couple of bottles to take with us. No idea yet on best brands so again I will update once we are on our way

  • Lip balm - I'm obsessed with lip balm so taking 3 with me - Vaseline rose (I use on my eye lashes as well as my lips), Nivea that has a red tint (instantly brightens up my face) and a Carmex which is SPF 15 (always burn my lips on holiday)

  • Bronzer (Benefit Hula) and blusher (Rimmel) This is pretty much the extend of my make up routine

  • Eyebrow pencil (Rimmel)

  • Hair bands - I swear by these bobbles I always wondered how girls could have their hair up and then let is go free with no kinks - this is a the answer!

  • Tea tree oil

  • Eye drops

  • Face wash - I use a cheap and simple Tea Tree Scrub from Superdrug and love it

  • Shower Gel - Snow Fairy is my favourite from lush but you can only get it around Christmas time so have filled up one or two refillable bottles to take with me. You can get them HERE

  • Sun cream - I will only use chemical free and marine safe sun lotion. I've used another refillable bottle to take the remaining sun cream I have and will report on the best we find when we are on our adventures

  • Tiger balm

Other Essentials

  • What I’m sure many people know as the Steph my Life Bite Pen

  • Lohanu Ukulele Ukulele are so cute and I've seen so many people learning to play that I wanted to get in on the action. I'm hoping i'm able to just get this on planes with my hand luggage but we shall see. Fingers crossed as i'd love to learn as I travel

  • Padlocks Seen a lot of recommendations for padlocks for both bags and to lock rooms

  • Dry bag To pop in little bits that we don't want to get wet when canoeing Etc. Think will come in super handy whilst we are away

  • Sleeping bag liners Have been recommended these to take travelling as you never know what kinda bed you're gonna get! Especially when taking overnight trains.

  • Travel Wallet Essential to keep our passports, spare passport photos, cash and other important documents

  • Aeropress Go This beauty is going to save us so much money! Especially as we bought a re-usable filter for those sustainability points

  • Lifestraw water bottles These beauties allow you to drink from taps and pretty much any water source by filtering out all the nasties. We are using them already at home as they make tap water in the UK taste better. The straws will need replacing every 3 months or so but so much better than buying bottles of water

  • Eye masks & Ear plugs - Still on the hunt for the perfect combo here if anyone has any recommendations please?

  • iPhone case - We bought ours from and LOVE them - Eco friendly and beautiful phone cases

  • Mooncup I switched to a menstrual cup about 6 years ago and would never go back. They are clean, easy to use, safe and Eco friendly. I've heard tampons can be really hard to get hold of in Asia so this will be a dream.

  • Dock & Bay Towel - Never used a microfiber towel before but they are lightweight and super absorbent so think they will be perfect for travelling

  • MindJournal This is David's journal which he cannot recommend enough for men to manage mental health and wellbeing

  • Liquid B12 As we are both vegan and I (Hayley) have a movement disorder we have just started taking B12 and feel much better for it

  • Medterra CBD Tincture - Again for my movement disorder I'm currently experimenting with CBD and so far it seems to be really making a difference

  • Packing Cubes - These bad boys are a must for any backpacker. Allowing you to not only squeeze more in but be way more organised when packing... we have a mixture of Nomatic, Katmandhu and Osprey packing cubes in a variety of sizes but small and medium seems to be the best

Medical Bag

I'm sure that over time we will have a far better idea of the essentials we need but this is the starter pack I've put together. Will update as we go:

  • Paracetamol

  • Ibuprofen

  • Hay fever tablets

  • Plasters

  • Cold sore patches

  • Imodium

  • Micro porous tape

  • Thermometer

  • Throat spray

  • Antiseptic cream

  • Rennie

  • Hand sanitise


This is such a tough one as never been on more than a 3 week holiday. Will be a case of trial and error I think and will update you a few months in but as of today this is what I plan to take:

  • Underwear (8 x pants, 2 x bra's, few pairs of running socks from Stance)

  • Trainers

  • Birkenstocks

  • Havaiana flip flops

  • Storm jacket from Finisterre

  • 3 x Gym tops

  • 1 x Yoga pants

  • 1 x Gym shorts

  • 5 x T-shirts

  • 3 x Vests

  • 4 x Shorts and 1 x denim shorts

  • 3 x Dresses

  • 2 x Skirts

  • 2 x Long sleeve t-shirt

  • 1 x Jeans

  • 1 x Jumper

  • 1 x Travel tracksuit

  • 1 x Shirt

  • Beach hat

  • Baseball cap

  • 2 x Sunglasses

So there you have it, pretty much our full packing lists! I’m looking forward to updating this a few months into our travels to see how it evolves, what we should never have packed and what we can’t live without

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