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Our Big Bali Build #4

Emotions: Excited but apprehensive

Stress level: Low (ish)

Completion: 15%

After receiving our floor plans and amended design last week we had a catch up call with Lauren on Friday to run through materials

Bedroom Floor Plan

It’s like Lauren actually lives in our minds, in a little house, with a little garden where she sits all day on a lounger and watches our thoughts… anyway… once again she nailed it! 😍

We are now super happy with everything about the design and materials discussed and now for the scary bit…

Mood Board for the Garden

The design is going over to the contractor to price up… In a couple of weeks time we will be faced with the moment of truth… can we afford our dream home?! 🤷🏼‍♀️

We have kept the villa a modest size, two bedroom, two bathroom and open plan living with exposed concrete walls and ceiling. Luckily the minimal, industrial look is one we absolutely love and should help keep costs down.

View of Villa Sunshine from the road

Our contractor is going to cost the whole build line by line so if it does come in over budget we may have some areas where we can cut down the costs. We also have a retaining wall to build plus a backyard complete with swimming pool, two decking areas and a perimeter wall 👀

Next stop… money woes! 💰

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