Our Big Bali Build #3

Emotions: Excited

Stress level: Low

Completion: 12.5%

We had our first call a couple of weeks ago with our architect, Lauren, providing some basic drawings and Pinterest boards. The call lasted around an hour and we ran through how we envisaged the villa to look. Having always loved industrial, minimal open spaces we have decided that is also the look we would like for our Bali villa

We also had to provide some up to date land drawings and topography and then we wait...

On Monday this week we had our update call and we’re thrilled when Lauren told us she had already gone ahead and started to put drawings together! To see our ideas come to life is AMAZING!!!

Here is what we have so far:

We love open living and sunken seating, needed two bedrooms and really wanted to maximise those ocean views so have a relatively rectangular building with views across the whole front of the building. One of the most important parts for me is to have a bath so of course I’ve requested one in the window!

We also wanted some hanging egg chairs downstairs so are looking to slightly extend the bottom floor so we can fit these in and also make our bedroom balconies slightly wider.

Lauren absolutely nailed the brief and we are thrilled with the first drafts!! The next steps is to get these drawings finalised, start deciding on finishes and then get some prices for it... eeeek!!!

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