Our Big Bali Build #2

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

So, I was actually supposed to post this 2 weeks ago so the info is a little outdated but for consistency I'll post it now...

Emotions: Panic

Stress level: High

Completion: 10%

Not a massive amount to report but wanted to update you on a few panic points over the last two weeks...

Firstly we took our contractor to see the site last week to discuss how much it might cost to level the land. We have bought land with the most sensational views BUT that comes with its challenges. Number one being the slope and ours is on a biggie! When we arrived the contractor was very quiet (unusual for Steve 😂), he kept making unsettling noises, glances at his colleagues and then eventually came out with - this could be expensive 🤦🏼‍♀️

The whole plot is 6 are, we have half of that and some Bali friends of ours have bought the other half. All so random (and a story for another time!) Anyways, we are lucky to have the ‘not so bad’ side so him and his guys took some measurements and said they will come back to us...

A week later we had a message to say it would cost approx 150jit for a retaining wall. David read out the text and still not being that Au fait with local currency I said - ok that is either £7,500 or £75,000.... luckily, it was the former and we were ecstatic!!! This is very good news to start with as it could have been way, way, waaaaaaay more!!

The second panic was that when we bought our land we put down a 10% deposit and you then have two weeks to pay the rest. It was all due on 19th May so on 13th I went to pay the funds and realised that with Monzo/Wise you can only transfer up to £10k per day and that each transaction could take 4 working days - SHIT! I managed to get the limit raised and all 3 payments were made over the next two days - due to clear on 18th and 19th May. Now, here’s the thing... in the contract it states that if you haven’t paid all by 19th the seller can keep any money you have paid and cancel the contract so you can imagine my panic when the 19th came around and none of the transactions had cleared!! The worst possible scenario at this stage was that the £20k cleared on 19th but the other £7k was a day late which would ultimately mean they could take our £20k as a penalty for not paying on time and cancel 👀 I was SHITTING myself!!! We have been so unlucky with money situations in the past (will talk about the £6k we lost because of estate agents another time!) so it would have been just our luck!

I managed to speak to Monzo/Wise that afternoon and they confirmed that funds were cleared that morning so we were all good 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 SO MUCH RELIEF!!!!

We also this week had a call with an architect who we have decided to work with. We put together a load of info about what we want, Pinterest boards, approx measurements Etc. And in two weeks time we should have the first draw up of our future home. We end on a high... How very exciting!!!

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