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Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Let me start off by saying that I have never managed to save a penny in my life. From the age of 17 I started taking out credit and that didn’t stop until I was in my 30s. Credit cards and loans galore meant that when David and I got together I had around £40k debt which I thought would never be cleared. After 5 years however and selling my camper van this year i am finally debt free and it feels AMAZING!

I’m unsure when exactly we decided to travel, having moved to Brighton and rented our house out 3 years ago we were in a cycle of renting bigger houses, spending all disposable income on ‘stuff’. I think it was a trip to Australia last year and an agreement that kids weren’t on the cards that gave birth to the idea what we could actually travel and the only thing that would stop us is ourselves. You can always rent your house out, you can get a new job when you come back and ultimately nothing really changes in a few years so why not make the most of it?!

In March this year we went to Thailand and well, that was it, we came back determined to take extended time off work and travel the world. Since March we have downsized, got rid of our cars, sold most of our stuff and have been ‘saving and spending the rest’ as opposed to trying to save whatever we have not spent! Saving each month is now THE most important thing. To ensure the dream was kept alive we booked our first flights and 3 months accommodation. On 1st June 2020 we fly to Barcelona to start our adventure!

We are lucky enough to both work in technology - David works in enterprise Data Analytics and I work for a Cyber security distributer. Don’t get me wrong we have worked hard to get to where we are for the last 20 years but it’s a sector that pays well and has enabled us to work towards our goal of saving £80k by the time we leave. Having never travelled before we are hoping this comfortably supports us for at least two years. We have no time constraints and are currently planning to stay in AirBnBs for a month at a time which makes really nice accommodation a cost effective option! We may end up doing some freelance work or even heading to Australia to see if we can get sponsored there for a year or two but no plans are set in stone.

I‘m determined to keep track of all our spends so that we can share to help others. I’ve learnt so much from travel bloggers over the last couple of weeks and that’s something I’d love to contribute to and inspire people to escape the rat race, follow their dreams and live their lives to the full!

My advice to anyone now would be to not overspend, don’t get everything on credit - save a lot of that hard earned money so that one day you can take some extended time off and enjoy it! How depressing that we work our arses off until we retire with nothing but a 2 week holiday to look forward to if we are lucky?! If we hadn’t of spunked money on beautiful apartments and cars and ‘shit’ we could easily have double that budget, hindsight is a wonderful thing!

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