My Daily Essentials

Nearly two weeks in and after a rude awakening that we have packed way too much stuff I’ve started to understand what I use on a daily basis which should help me unload some of the shit I just don’t need to be lugging around the world with me...

Bite Pen

This beauty was a top recommendation from StephMyLife. Maaaan it’s a shock to the skin with a serious kick of heat but WAY better than having itchy bites! We don’t leave home without it. You can buy it on Amazon here

Vamvo Mini Projector

OK so I guess this isn’t an ‘essential’ item but so far it’s been AMAZING to have. Such a good quality picture, lightweight and small enough to fit into our backpacks. Perfect for movie nights, Netflix binging and catching up on Eastenders (yup we are THOSE people!) You can buy on Amazon here

Joby Tripod

This handy and compact little tripod is a dream. The Bluetooth remote works so well, it’s sturdy and the perfect size to carry around all the time in our day packs. You can buy on Amazon here

Dock and Bay hair towel

I’ve never used a micro fibre towel before but this is an absolute dream. It packs down small, is super lightweight, better for your hair and they come in some cool designs and colours! You can buy on Amazon here

Plug adapters

These worldwide adapters really are a dream. Sturdy, lightweight and have lots of USB sockets. Couldn’t live without them! You can buy them on Amazon here

AeroPress Go

David was clucking for an AeroPress Go and I’m so pleased he got one. Super easy to use, compact enough to travel with and saves us a few bob on always having coffee out. We also bought a re-usable filter from Amazon which is probably one of the best investments we have ever made!!! You can buy from Amazon here and the re-usable filter here

Osprey Day Packs

These come attached to our backpacks and have used them every single day. Great for holding a wallet, headphones, MacBook, gym kit, water bottles etc. Good number of pockets and they look great. You can buy them on Amazon here for him and here for her

Travel Locks

Bought some of these to padlock our bags but have also been super handy for gym lockers and I’m sure some accommodation in the future. You can buy them on Amazon here

Travel Wallet App

This app is a DREAM!! I enter every single thing we spend every day so we can easily see how we are doing against budget. You can spread payments over a number of days, see budget remaining, % of monthly budget left and a full breakdown to see where you may be overspending. This means I never have to track cash or card payments as I always know whether or not we are still in budget for a day/month. Can’t recommend enough!


Another dreamy bank app! I’m transferring money from Monzo to Revolut in the currency for the country I am in. I have a metal card so can take out up to £800 cash per month without charges and can use it anywhere. They also do virtual cards which are amazing for any online transactions you need to complete

Anker Battery Pack

Our phones are everything these days - camera, maps, social media, music, entertainment so it’s important for us to always have battery. These are ace to have in your bag for emergencies. You can buy them on Amazon here


We take the vast majority of photos and videos with our iPhone’s, keep a diary, keep track of spends, manage bank accounts, mark places we want to go on Google Maps, book taxis, check accommodation and flights, update social media, keep in touch with friends and family etc. I hate to say it but It’s the single most important thing I own whilst travelling! Also a shout out for my beautiful iPhone case by Eco-friendly cases that come in the most beautiful colours and protect my phone when I drop it multiple times in a day!!


One thing I never made time for at home was reading enough so now we have no excuses Kindles are so perfect. You have a never ending library at your fingertips. They are lightweight, easy to use and with an everlasting battery we always have them in our day packs. You can buy a Kindle here and subscribe to Kindle Unlimited here

Lypertek Tevi Headphones

I wanted to wireless headphones for ages but didn't want to pay a small fortune for awful looking Apple pods. These bad boys were voted number 1 in a Tech Radar article and I found them discounted at the bargain price of £69.99 on Amazon. They are amazing! The case is a cool design and charges the headphones multiple times. I have barely had to charge them since I bought them, sound quality is amazing and they are super comfortable to wear. I also wear them running with no issues. Cannot recommend enough! You can buy them on Amazon here

Tesalate Towel

Sand-free, super cool and beautiful towels that we treated ourselves to for our round the world trip. Worth every penny we take them out daily for the gym, to use as a picnic blanket and will be our bath towel whenever we stay in places that do not supply them. The designs are so beautiful! I have the Into the Wild design and David has the Phoenix.

LifeStraw Go 2-Stage Water Bottle

I'm currently speaking to Life Straw as my bottle leaks really badly but hopefully will get it sorted as these bottles are great. To be able to fill your bottle up anywhere and know the filtration system makes it safe to drink is a dream! The bottles come in lovely colours and also come with a carabiner clip which is really handy to attach to our bags

Face Mask

The new kid on the block but as it's going to be mandatory to wear in certain situations for some time we have a few now and never leave home without one

So there you go, I’m sure this will change in a matter of weeks and months but this is what I have so far. Hope it helps 🙂

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