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Is This The End of Instagram For Me?

Maybe, but here's my problem - How do you keep people thinking about the potential perils of perennially posting pretty pictures, without posting plenty of pictures? (easy for you to say, my friends)

Sure you could try to build a blog, like this one, our pals have a very successful blog actually! But their talk of ‘long term investment’ and ‘strategy’ and ‘SEO sessions’ shuts my little dopamine hungry brain down quicker than you can say attention span 😅

The big problem is, I’ve basically read, listened and reasoned myself out of really enjoying socials I think? 🤓

Now, every time I post something, rather allowing myself to buy into the convenient internal narrative that it’s going to be a ‘great digital diary’ or ‘I love the social interactions’ I find myself questioning why I need so much social validation? Or why I’m not just enjoying the moment, rather than taking pictures to show off with later?

Almost feels a bit dirty, you know?

Sounds a bit extreme, I get that, but the more I think about it, the more I realise it’s probably true 😭

It's not my (our) fault btw, as we've chatted about before, these platforms are built to get right to the bottom of our stem-cells, to pierce a hole in our consciousness and tap into our most primal urges and tendencies, and let me tell you something, it don't get much more primal than wanting to be loved and appreciated! 🥰🥰🥰

I'm worried though! Have we become a population of peeps incapable of thinking and feeling for ourselves ⁉️

Are my opinions really my opinions⁉️ Or have I crowd-sourced them from my comfortable corner of the internet⁉️

Was that really the best meal I’ve ever eaten, or do I remember it as that because it got 500 likes⁉️

...And, at the most extreme end of the spectrum, do I really have a great life, or do I simply think I have because I post pictures everyday and people to tell me how great it is⁉️

Are any of you posting your shit food? Boring opinions? Ugly baby pics,

or grey days doing nothing? - I doubt it (other than as a joke or show that you’re ’real’... or put another way - validation that you’re funny or down to earth 🌍 😂 sorry)

The irony is, although this probably all sounds a bit 'doom sayer', I'm in a super-good spot atm, I would actually say that mentally im in the best place I've been for 20 years! GTFI 💪

But here’s what makes me think there’s something in all of this - the better I feel, the less time I spend online (Instagram mainly), and unquestionably the less I want to post myself 🍔 (obvs I don’t wanna miss out on the flash food deals 🤪 I’m not a maniac)

Anyway, if you’ve read this far without thinking ‘oh fuck off, David, please! Can’t we just melt our brains in peace for once? stop being so effin’ serious will ya?’ Then thank you 🙏🏻

The good news 📰 is, I reckon we’ve all got infinite things to be thankful for and are all blessed to be living human lives ❤️ (Go is) but... do we maybe need to switch off and work that out for ourselves once in a while? rather than by posting about it to get a decision through consensus of people we’ve never met? Just a thought, kids

So, anyway, back to the original point, I don’t really know how to keep boring you with all this nonsense? (As I know you all love it 😂) because my desire to post pictures of food and sunsets is waning by the day....

btw - here are some sunsets as a treat for getting to the end 😂😂😂

love yas

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