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How did we end up here?

At what point did we sign the social contract to say that we’ll quietly move through life, working obscene hours to buy all that stuff we’re ‘supposed’ to own?

At what point did success become a big house, a second car, or a giant TV?

At what point did we agree to silently sleep walk into a life of debt, believing that if we don’t own a property we’ve somehow failed?

And… at what point did we agree to confine travel, adventure, as much family time as we want, a job we love or simply living with a bit of intention to some far-away and unattainable dream?

For our generation, we didn’t even know. It’s just always been that way! We are the frog in cold water, not noticing that we’re being boiled, but somewhere along the line something changed, it must have done.

We personally spent 35 years chasing those ideals. Year by year, ticking off the secretly ‘agreed upon’ milestones until, one day, when we thought we’d ‘completed it mate’, we realised we felt less fulfilled than when we started the journey, 20 long years earlier 🤯

If I could give everyone I know 1 solitary piece of advice, it would be to do a happiness inventory 🤙

First, make a list of things that make you happy. Like genuinely happy! And I’m not talking about what’s ‘supposed’ to make you happy like gadgets n cars n shit. I mean what brings you deep joy. Travel, nature, family, music, laughter etc

Then have a think about how much of your life you spend doing that stuff…

For us the answer was nowhere near enough! Less than 5% I would say. The rest was spent working to buy shit we didn’t need, and stuff that certainly didn’t make our beautiful new happiness list.

That, rightly, raised alarm bells and ultimately kickstarted our journey to where we are right now. Currently living in Asia, working part time, owning nothing and experiencing everything 🙌

Sure, not everyone can, or would want to drop everything and charge around the world, but I 💯 believe that everyone can live a more intentional life and spend way more time doing the stuff that makes them happy! Family time, friends, music and walks cost nothing, so cut out that extra hours work, and start getting happy, bitches. It’s free ❤️

Thanks for attending Tuesday Shit Chat, see you next week.



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