Farewell Agatha, Hello Financial Freedom!

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Yesterday I had a visit from an adorable family who wanted to come and take a look at Agatha (my beloved VW Camper Van) after finally getting around to advertising her on AutoTrader. I could see on their faces that they loved her as much as I did so when they went to lunch to 'think about it' I received a message literally 2 minutes later to say they wanted to place a deposit. Mixed emotions followed because Agatha, as dramatic as this sounds, changed our lives. We bought her 5 years ago in Bude as (having owned a super cool '67 Split Screen camper back in the day) I yearned for that sense of adventure and always loved camping (not to mention having a camper is a DREAM for festivals). David on the other hand wasn't really fussed so it was amazing to see his love for life on the road grow over the first 6 months and we had some amazing adventures, including a stunning 5 day trip to Cornwall. Anyway, i'm banging on now and this really has little to do with my story...

The significance of selling Agatha is the fact that now, as of this month, I will be debt free for the first time in 20 years!! Ever since that first credit card at the age of 17 i'd been hooked on that 'free money' and because credit was so readily available and easy to obtain my debts spiralled. I dread to think how much I've paid in interest over that time... On top of that I paid an interest only mortgage for 8 years at £1000 per month. Ouch!

Credit cards were such an easy way to satisfy shopping habits, buy what I wanted when I wanted, to make those chunky purchases and all the £100's would add up until I would have to take out another loan to consolidate. This would then leave, guess what, zero balance credit cards that I could rinse once again. I was lucky enough to fall into an industry that paid well and when David and I got together his semi-sensible attitude towards money along with future plans helped me curb credit card and loan frenzies that I had grown so used to.

The sense of freedom I feel in this new financial position is amazing! We can now save to go and start living our next dream of a simple couple of years travelling the world with no debt over our heads. When/if we return we won't HAVE to earn a certain wage just to cover all of our monstrous outgoings. We've downsized to a 1 bed flat, we've sold so much of our shit and have completely curbed our spending habits and you know what, it feels really fucking liberating man!

Farewell Agatha... you've been a game changer, thanks for the memories

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