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Brighton and Hove's Best Vegan Brunch Spots

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Right, this isn't going to please everyone, it's a totally contentious subject and, for one reason or another, there will be a few omissions that most others would have on their list! Also, just to say, this isn’t about flavour profiles and ambience (that’s the domain of the press-event-dwelling professional food blogger) this is more ‘what they do? where they are? and do we enjoy it?’

...But anyway, here goes, here are our top pics to keep you satiated 'til supper.

V and H Cafe

For our money, Verity and Harry are serving up the tastiest, most locally sourced brunch in the city. With a focus on quality produce and the miles travelled to arrive on your plate; V & H is a cut above the rest when it comes to both credentials and flavour. Their 'full vegan' isn't trying to be a fry up, it's a triumph in seasonal eating. Ask any local and they‘ll tell you the same thing - the star of the show is their house beans (unbelievable deep, umami laden mixed bean banger) and alongside those and some massive garlicy field mushrooms, you'll find whatever is delivered to them that morning, and whilst you cannot be sure what you'll find on your plate, you can be sure that it will be absolutely delicious.


A popular spot at the top of the avenues in Hove, Baked is usually bustling for brunch, and for good reason. ALWAYS greeted with a smile, regardless of how busy they are, Baked have have some of the best service (and obviously food) around.

With great options for everyone, Baked is the perfect place to come with a crowd! Insta famous for their oh-so-photogenic egg dishes but also serving a brilliant full vegan (one of the only tofu scrambles in the city) + the all usual suspect - Baked is a really safe pair of hands for a great Breakfast.

Social Board

What happens when 2 top chefs from one of Brighton's premier eateries (Food for Friends) decide to go solo (duo?) - Social Board Happens.

Social Board is a sandwich shop with a difference, think about the best meal you've had, then imagine it inside some of the city's best break (flourpot olive oil ciabatta all day errr day). With a relentless commitment to flavour, you won't find a cheese sarnie in sight. Think 24 hour marinated teriyaki mushrooms & their take a full vegan (including house beans and homemade hash browns! (oooooh la la).

...And with a second outlet just opened at the bottom of North Street, you can now munch on Social Board sarnies while you shop!


Another purpose driven Brighton business, Backwood wears it's sustainability credentials proudly on its sleeve - and why wouldn't you?

Gone are the disposable coffee cups and in are reusable replacements that can either be purchased or borrowed for a small fee.

The menu celebrates local produce with low production-to-plate miles and has a couple of vegan bangers on it! Hands up who does't want a vegan sausage and 'egg' muffin? no-one? thought not! Also making use of those glorious Brighton Sausage Co. vegan snags is their vegan sausage cassoulet - served with toasted sourdough this feels like the ultimate grown up sausage and beans on toast.


Confession time - we don't go here nearly as much as we should. Truth is, we don't really use this stretch of London Road so it always escapes our minds. That being said, we obviously have been a good few times and let me tell you, it's more than decent!

Moksha is always buzzing, following the very Brighton tradition the front opens up completely to allow that atmosphere to spill out onto the seating out front.

Moksha is another eatery with brilliant house beans and spectacular home made hash-browns, both of which are vegan and make their vegan offerings some the tastiest around.

Expect all of your usual suspects plus specials like smoked tofu hollandaise.


Tucked away on side street at the very west of Brighton (Brunswick St East) Youjuice is our absolute go to for a tasty breakfast that you can trust is going to perfectly balanced and as good for you as it is delicious.

Starting off life as a Juice bar (as you probably guessed from the name) Youjuice have evolved into one of the cities best and most loved spots for all things nutritious.

Along with their incredible cold-pressed juice and powerful immunity boosting shots you'll find a full brunch menu including their take on classics like avo-toast (topped with their unbelievable house made ferments) + Bircher muesli alongside teriyaki mushroom rice bowls.

You juice don't advertise as a vegan business but by default 95% of their menu is naturally that way!


Although we live about as far away as possible from Marmalade (it's right up near Sussex Square at the VERRRRYYYY top of Kemptown) it's a firm favourite. Their rustic charm carries through the amazing building and the delicious food. Classic brunch dishes with no fuss are the order of the day and they are all perfectly delicious. I'm going to level with you, the vegan brunch options aren't the best in town but it's so beaut and they are so lovely that it had to make it on to the list!


They only have their brunch offering on sometimes but it's so good it made the list! The Roundhill opened just over a year ago now and around 6 months ago it became Beighton's first fully vegan pub. Their dinners and roasts have an army of fans but if you managed to catch them on a brunch weekend, you've really hit the jackpot! Everything lovingly made from scratch, they have sweet and savoury options - my personal recommendation would be to have anything as long it has the beans and potatoes

640 East

Brighton's newest eatery sits on the super-cool site previously inhabited by Silo. It was always a great space in the North Laine but the 640 East gang have done a wonderful job on the renovation turning it into an urban oasis with exposed walls and greenery hanging from every available beam.

Their brunches are simple and unbelievably tasty and naturally about 50% plant based. You’ll find bircher bowls, house beans on toast and a full vegan option - their coffee is also great so make sure you leave room!

The Set

Set back at the top of Regency Square, The Set is one of our absolute favs. The restaurant is part of the Artist‘s Residence hotel and food is everything you would expect from Brighton’s best boutique hotel.

The dining room overlooks the i360 and on the menu you’ll find dishes with produce at their heart, including the usual ’full English / vegan’ some posh hashes & sweet options like pancakes and toasts

...also worth noting that their house beans are spectacular too 👌


Not the first place you would think of for a vegan breakfast but their V options are actually very decent indeed!

Most famous for their cheese covered giant hashes Billie’s is a diner style cafe with outlets in Hove and Brighton.

They have some veggie hashes (veg sausage, crispy potatoes, beans and onions 😊) that can be made vegan by ditching cheese and a ’full vegan’ which is the ultimate hang over fodder!

So there you have it, these are the places we try to rotate around each weekend 😊

The amazing thing about Brighton is that there are literally 100’s of places that we’ve missed off of this list, but hopefully it’s a decent starting point 👌

come and see us at Be The Sunshine if you want to see where we’ve been eating recently 😋

Peace Love & Plants ✌🏻♥️🌱

H&D x

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