Bali Bike Essentials

Whether it’s a cute Scoopy, a retro Vespa, a nippy Vario, a solid Lexi or the ‘Canggu wanker classic’ the NMAX - carrying essentials around in your seat is a must!

Here is what I always have in mine:

👚 A long sleeve t-shirt - the sun in Bali is HOT and when driving long distances the long sleeved T has saved me from burning to a crisp many a time!

David rocking his long sleeve T

🌞 Suncream - see above! With very little shade whilst driving the breeze makes you forget you are actually a roast potato right now

🛍 Shopping Bag - we have canvas bags in both our bikes for any shopping trips. Reducing plastic at any time is a winner!

The ‘Beat Street’ Bikes on Lembongan

💵 A pot of small currency notes - there is a lot of paid parking around Bali, including beaches which are either 2 or 5k for a bike. I keep all of them in my bike so I’m never caught short

🛵 Driving License - Keep your international driving license with your bike at all times. You never know when you’ll be asked for it and if you don’t have it with you, expect a fine!

My beautiful Lexi

📄 Bike documents - as above, these can be checked by police at any time. Make sure you have them from the rental company!

Above all DRIVE SAFELY, ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET (and a mask) and make sure you have TRAVEL INSURANCE!! We use Safety Wing and they cover motorbike accidents ♥️

The multi purpose bike!

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